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Trips for 2018 to be announced soon

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Ski Legs

Hello Skiers: It’s time to get ready for Ski Season. There are a few easy steps to take to ensure that everyone has the best time possible and avoids altitude sickness and injuries. Please follow this link and find suggestions on exercise, health and wellness. Read more

President’s Message

Larry Eckert

As your Club’s new President, I’m humbled once again and hope to fulfill your expectations. First I would like to thank Bob Smith for stepping up two years ago as President and for his hard work. I would like to welcome our newest Board member, Merri Goodman. She has taken on the Newsletter and general club communications and most surely will do a fantastic job. I would thank the rest of the Board members that are staying on – Christina, Kathi, Linda, Kevin, Carl and Jan. With their dedication and commitment, the club has enjoyed numerous events which have resulted in an increase in members and has brought all of us closer together. We will also miss Mike Wyman whose term has ended and Craig VanWagner who is stepping down. So the next time you see any of the past or present Board members, please thank them, we are all volunteers.

At our last month’s “End of Season Party”, Mikki graciously opened her home to the Club where we all had a wonderful afternoon of good spirits, good food, camaraderie and great people. This event is our thanks to all of you, the Club members, for a fantastic ski season. We consider all of you as family. We also held our annual vote for new Board members and got everyone geared up for next season. We announced our next ski trips and a $100 discount to sign up before May 15th. We have had a fantastic response for all the trips some of which have only a few spots left.

Over the summer, the Board has continued to work towards future events and trips. Although we didn’t run a summer trip this year, the Club will continue to try to expand our offerings outside of the regular ski season. If you have ideas on adventures the Club could attempt, please feel free to discuss it with the new Director of Trips, Bob Smith.

As always – keep in touch with all our trips and events through Boca Ski Club.com, the newsletter or at www.meetup.com.

Finally, June is the start of our new season which means Membership fees are now due. Please go to the website, fill out the membership application and then either send your check to the Treasurer or pay it online at Click Here to Join Us . Membership for a single person is $35 and for a family it is $45.

But first email me at President’s Email to let me know you are interested. I can answer any questions. Its time to be a volunteer and help make next season great. Larry Eckert, President


Kevin Murtha
Hello and Welcome to the New Boca Ski Club Website We brought the website into the 21st century with New Look by adding Links and updated Forms and Photo Galleries. You can now link your Instagram photos from with #bocaskiclub. We also linked our Facebook Photo albums. There is a New Calendar on the Homepage to keep you updated on the Clubs Events and Trips. We added Meetup so you can see what’s coming next for Happy Hours and Special Events. Check it out in the sidebar. You can Email your board members or Contact us and leave a comment about the club or a your last Great Ski Adventure trip. We are looking for some help with Events, Happy Hour Locations and New Trip Leaders. Come on out to the next Happy Hour and bring a friend. We are always happy to meet new people and help them to join the club. Thank you. – VP Kevin Murtha

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